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Aaron Burmeister- Future Iditarod First Place Champion

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I remember as a teenager in high school hearing about a freshman, Aaron Burmeister running and completing the Junior Iditarod.  It was a big deal in our school, and even in our town, for someone from Nome to run the Junior Iditarod.

I remember thinking... someday that kid is going to win the Iditarod. 

When that day comes it will be a marvelous event and I will be there at the finish line welcoming him home.

When Aaron was a young boy his father ran the Iditarod.  He and his sibings would cross the finish line in his fathers sled.  This must of have influenced him to continue the family line of Iditarod racers.
1982 Richard Burmeister coming into Nome for his Iditarod finish with his kids.  Kirsten in the front, Rachel sitting right behind her, Noah toward the back, and Aaron in the back standing.  Photo courtesy of the Burmeister family.
Since then Aaron married beautiful Mandy Michels, also a Nomite, and they have a son, Hunter, and daughter, Kiana, (future Iditarod mushers).  Aaron and his dogs have been in multiple Iditarod races and last year, 2012, he took 4th place.  This town cheered for him with excitement as he and his team crossed the finish line.  For many years Aaron has been the only musher from Nome to race in the Iditarod.
Photo courtesy of GraceWorks PhotoArt by Melody Lee Gleichman.

Flash forward to 2013. Aaron is racing with bib #24.  Come home to Nome first Aaron!  We are rooting for you.

Photo courtesy of GraceWorks PhotoArt by Melody Lee Gleichman.  Photo at Ceremonial start in Anchorage, Alaska 2013
2013 Iditarod route - Via

UPDATE!  March 10, 2013 at 7:00am AST.

Aaron is in first place on his way to Unalakleet!

UPDATE!  March 13, 2013 at 5:19am AST.

Aaron arrives in Nome in 11th place!

I'm not exactly sure what happened between Unalakleet and Nome but his team definitely slowed down.  I think the dogs were tired and lost momentum.  Still glad that Aaron finish though.  He may not have gotten first place this year but he will some day.  

 Aaron coming down front street in front of post office.
Photo snap shot through Iditarod live streaming by Jane Hunter.
 Aaron coming into the chute under the burled arch.
Photo by Brianne (Dana) Wassmann

 Aaron being greeted by his wife Mandy
Photo by Brianne (Dana) Wassmann
 The family under the arch. 
Photo by Brianne (Dana) Wassmann   
Photo by Brianne (Dana) Wassmann
 Photo of Aaron, his dad Richard, and son Hunter.  Possibly 3 generations of mushers ;-)

2013 KTUU interview on Aaron Burmeister:  
For more information on the Iditarod and current race standings go to:

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