Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nomemade Beach Art

In mid June 2013 the temperature in Nome got up into the 80's it was too hot for us Alaskans so we headed to the beach with ice bergs floating to cool off.

Oh beautiful beaches of Nome...

 Here's a pictures of me sitting on an ice berg.  I'd like to say that it was cool and refreshing, but that would be lying, it was FREEZING COLD WATER!!!  IT WAS LIKE BRAIN FREEZE ON MY FEET!

 After getting the dog all wet and burying the kids in sand...

  • I discovered a talent I have with beach rocks.  I was inspired by Sharon Nowlan from the Nova Scotia, Canada who has her pebble art work displayed on Pinterest.  I just added a few Alaskan embellishments to mine :-)

Family sitting (or a group of teenagers) on a rock enjoying the Midnight Sun or Moon :)

Hanging Dry Fish

Girl with Balloons (I couldn't find string on the beach)

A Forever Family

Dancing with the moon

 Whale Hunting in the Bering Sea

Looking into Eternity

Small family under a willow tree

Couple on a swing

Salmon Fishing in the Nome River Under the Midnight Sun

 Campfire Family


 Whale Hunters


Dry Fish

 Seal watching under the Northern Lights
 Berry Picking


  1. I appreciate you giving me credit in your post! Thankyou.
    Just to clarify.... I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada....

    Sharon Nowlan

    1. Fixed it ! Thank you Sharon... I am honored that you commented on my post. Love your work.

      Kim Knudsen