Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bering Sea Gold

Our friends Ian and Scott Foster will be famous soon on the new Discovery Channel Show Bering Sea Gold will air Jan. 27, 2012.  I'm excited for them.  Ian and Scott often have dinner with us when they are living in Nome.  They are on the dredge Sluicey.  I'm also a fan of Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenoff on the Clark and went to school with Shawn Pomerenke on the Chistine Rose.

Here's some snap shots of the show...

This is going to be a great show.  I'm so excited for them.

Here are our friends Ian and Scott Foster on Sluicey

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenoff on The Clark.  Emily makes gold diving look sexy.

Second from the right is Shawn Pomerenke who I went to highschool with.

I don't know who these guys are but I'm sure I will.

update: far right is Scott Meisterheim

 Ian and Scott Foster

 Scott and Ian Foster

 Ian Foster

 Shawn Pomrenke

 Scott Foster

 The Beard and Ian with something stuck in his teeth.

 Emily Riedel


  1. Hello, I enjoy your site and think you have done a great job of catching the spirit of nome with your pictures and blurbs about the in's and outs, I am trying to contact Steve Pomerenke from the christine rose and noticed that you went to highschool with him, after watching the show it occured to me that our company Acamar Maritime Solutions could provide them with Diving equipment they could and would thoroughly enjoy to have, would it be at all possible for you to provide us with either a way for his company to become aware of our company, direct him to browse our website Acamarmaritime.com or provide me with some form of contact information so that we can come in contact with them in some way. thank you that would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Charley Phillippe
    Acamar Maritime Representative

  2. Hi Charley,
    I don't want to publicize too much of Shawn's or his father's (Steve) personal contact information on here. They do have a website though http://www.thechristinerose.com
    and Shawn is active on Facebook. You can send him a message through Facebook http://facebook.com/shawn.pomrenke

  3. Bering sea gold is great t.v. Emily is very funny. Kinda lazy.I think you would want to be on your work site before any shimmer of light.