Saturday, January 12, 2013

Norton Sound Health Corporation Grand Opening

On November 13, 2012 Norton Sound Health Corporation held their grand opening ceremonies for the new hospital.  I work of NSHC and this was a pretty big deal for our little town of Nome, Alaska. A lot of employees volunteered to work extra hours and on holidays to help set up and organize the events.  Here of some of the photos I took...

 This is me in front of the main entrance

 Main hospital and Quyanna Care Center to the right (Elderly care)
 I assisted in making over 60 centerpieces
 Artwork in main entrance
 Beautiful Native Artwork
 Painting by James Adcox near Cafeteria
Hospital Kitchen
 Native artwork
 first floor hallway near Outpatient care with a reindeer wall on the left, beautiful view of the Bering sea and Nome  through windows.
Reindeer wall
 Employees assisting with decorations
 More artwork
 Employee Celebration opening exercises

Second Floor west wing which includes Dental, Audiology, Eye Care, Physical Therapy, and Lab.

 2nd Floor Acute care
Nurse's Station and patient room
Maternity Room

 The Dental Suite.
 On first floor looking down onto ground floor.

 Employee work out facility

 3rd Floor Conference Room

 View from 3rd Floor window
 3rd Floor where Administration, Materials Management, Information Systems, Village Health, Human Resources, Finance, and Health Information Management are located

 My mom (who also works for NSHC) giving my daughter a hug.

as of mid January some departments have moved to the new hospital though most departments that work directly with patient care won't move over till sometime in March 2013.

If you would like more information on our organization or employment at Norton Sound Regional Hospital go to