Sunday, July 8, 2012

I love my Nome...

On July 7, 2012 in Nome, Alaska the sun rise was at 4:47am and and the sun set the next day at 1:24am. The sun woke me up at 5:30am and I went out side to take pictures...

 A view of the port of Nome from Anvil Mountain.

 The Kigluaik mountains.

 The White Alice's on Anvil mountain.  Used during WWII for communication purposes just incase the Russian's or Japanese attacked us (they didn't)

 Beautiul sun rise

 wild Musk ox on the side of the road

 My son Reese wanted to go on a 4-wheeler ride... we found a trail and followed it.

 Running away from the mosquitos

 An old power pole laying in the tundra with Ceramic insulators.  I wonder how old they are?

 Our goofy kids enjoying the sun

It was a great day and the temp got up to 69 degrees, bought the kids some ice cream, met up with some mining friends at the beach who made made us some awesome tacos for dinner at 9:30pm, told stories, laughed, and was serenaded by two talented guitar singing players Dillon Finn and Ian Foster.  Went home and to bed at 12:00am  and woke at 5:45am by the sun the start of another beautiful day in Nome, Alaska.  I think I'm gonna go fishin'...