Thursday, September 13, 2012

I love old stuff...

I came home from work late (6:00pm). After getting a quick bite my husband asked if I wanted to go to a garage sale.  I said "sure", just so I could keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't buy something stupid.  I thought to myself, who has a garage sale on a Thursday night?  Oh well, it's Nome.  

We were the only ones parked in their drive way and I thought for sure my husband had the wrong day... but then I saw the signs that said "Garage Sale" and arrows pointing to the direction of a garage.  We walked in and instantly my husband wanted to check out the snowmachine for sale (yes, it's called a snowmachine NOT a snowmobile).  

The lady of house and I chatted about my smoked salmon You Tube videos and canning fish and caribou.  She was so nice that I felt like I had to buy something... but there was nothing there that I wanted.  Some holiday crafts, clothing, and outdoor gear that I didn't need.  I sorta walked away to look outside a couple of times, but kept coming back because I felt like I needed to find something since the lady was so nice.  I picked up a cheesy Halloween craft and saw underneath it an old wooden Baxter Packing Co. crate that use to hold cherries.  For sure she wasn't going to sell this antique it was just there to hold crafts but then I saw a price sticker for $10. SOLD.  Then next to it was the Pepsi crate $10 SOLD, the Santa crate $8 SOLD.  I told her I wanted them.  Just when we were about to leave I saw the Canada Dry crate $15.00 SOLD and made sure that I wasn't missing any others.  I bought them all for $48.00.

I just like old stuff... can't explain it I feel connected to my ancestors when I own an antique.  I also found out that these crates are worth almost twice as much on eBay... makes me like them better, and I'm not selling them.

Oh and the snowmachine... my husband bought it for $200 and it runs.  BUT WHO CARES!  I'VE GOT ANTIQUE WOODEN CRATES!